Getting Into League of Legends

League of Legends Screenshot

League of Legends is one of the most popular PC games in the world right now, either right behind or in front of DOTA 2 for most played. But what makes it so popular anyways? Certainly it can’t be the community, as League has one of the worst communities I’ve ever seen. But there’s something obviously. Maybe it’s different for everyone. For me, I think it’s fun to play with friends, for others its a huge competition to see who can reach the top.

With so many people playing League of Legends, there are lots, and lots (and lots) of different ways to play every single champion in the game. But we’ll start before players get into games.

Who to Ban

For the longest times Bans in draft games were simple there was always the main three: Blitzcrank, Amumu and Shen. For the longest time in every game I played those three were banned pretty well immediately; if they didn’t get banned, they were usually first picked. Nunu was a popular ban for a while too, as jungle Nunu would dominate almost every game.

But with Season 4 and its changes, the ban list has changed quite a bit. I find Shyvana is a popular ban recently, and for good reason too. Shyv is scary in game these days, she can deal massive amounts of damage with her ordinary skills, and her dragon form is nearly unstoppable with the season 4 changes. Nasus is another good ban, as if he gets over farmed he’s hard to beat and tends to destory your team.

League of Legends Twisted Treeline 2

With the changes to pink wards (always visible but lasts until destroyed) and the removal of oracle’s elixir, stealth champions (Evelynn, and Twitch specifically) are really strong right now. A pink ward won’t last long if you get 3-man ganked, even if you try to defend it.

That being said, Blitz and Amumu are still popular bans, just not as much as they used to be.

Oddly Placed Champions

Trying new things with your favourite champion is always fun, but some people just wouldn’t try something because of how crazy it sounds. Some people might anyways though, and you’d be surprised at some of the results.

For example, one player I know likes playing Blitzcrank top. When I’ve been in queue with him people have been iffy or doubted it, but he does well every time (he might have some troubles at the beginning, but I’ve always seen him bounce back).

League of Legends Twisted Treeline

The newest champion Yasuo is meant to be played mid, but I’ve seen a lot of people trying him top and even adc. I personally like Yasuo and Janna bottom, the extra tornadoes really secure Yasuo’s ultimates. It’s surprising how well the two can do if the players communicate well, even against ranged champions.

Jinx has been a favourite of the community since her announcement and everyone was eager to play her. With all that eagerness though, people tried her in a lot of different roles, and she does well in all of them. Jinx can adc, jungle and top well if played properly. A Jinx jungle has some great ganks with her flame chompers, and secures kills easily with her ult and zap.

ADCs and their Supports

Support isn’t a very popular role in League except for that brief period where everybody wanted to Support at the start of Season 4. It’s gone back to being not so popular now, but when you do support (willingly or not) who is the best support to go with your carry?


AsheSquareAccoding to the League community the best support for Ashe is Janna or Sona. Janna gives Ashe the defense she needs to last in lane with her shields, plus her tornadoes give Ashe a chance to land her ult and get the kill. Sona and Ashe on the other hand have great level 1 burst because of Sona’s power cord and her Q with Ashes first hit crit and her volley.


CaitlynSquareTaric is a popular support pick for Caitlyn because of his heal, his stuns and the extra damage and armor because of his ult. When Caitlyn starts to attack, Taric can stun and secure the kill. Soraka is also a popular pick even though her heals are a little slower then Tarics, but her infinite mana giving allows Caitlyn to stay in lane longer and keep up long range pressure. I also personally like Janna and Caitlyn. Janna’s Q leaves enemies open for Caitlyn’s range attack and ult, and Janna’s shield gives Cait the extra protection she might need in trades.


CorkiSquareSupports popular with Corki players usually have a lot of CC such as Leona, Taric, or Alistar. Soraka is also a good pick so he can constantly harass. The supports with CC allow Corki to keep enemy champions in range and usually kill them. Taric is the most popular pick because of his stun.


DravenSquareDraven is a popular adc, he’s usually fairly strong and hard to kill, and tends to snowball quickly in lane. But behind every adc there’s a good support (sort of) and Draven’s best supports are Thresh, Leona and Sona. I find Thresh is the most popular pick, and if enemies get hooked they are usually in for a beating. Sona’s Q gives Draven extra damage, and her E gives him the speed to easily catch his axes. Leona’s passive plays to Draven’s strengths with his auto attacks and her abilities help with his weaknesses such as how obvious it is where he’s going when he throws his axes.


EzrealSquareThe best supports for Ezreal in the community is Leona and Alistar. He does well with offensive supports. Leona gives Ezreal chances to use his skills from somewhere where he’d actually hit them while being safe away from enemy attacks. Alistar is also good because he can heal and stun enemies, he can also headbutt them away or towards Ez according to what he needs.


GravesSquareThough Graves is a strong champion by himself, his best support is Blitzcrank; if you can get him. Blitzcrank’s grab allows Graves players to get kills without putting themselves in danger. If Blitz can’t land his grab, Graves can dash in to get a kill or get away. Other good supports though are Alistar and Nunu. Nunu and Graves both have a slow, and that makes it really easy to get into attacking range safely.


JinxSquareThe best supports for the fan-fave ADC are Sona, Lux, and Leona. Jinx is pretty good with everybody as she’s pretty strong alone, but with Sona’s heals and speed buffs and her power cord it gives Jinx a lot of extra power. She’s also really good with a Lux support, as Lux’s stuns with Jinx’s flame chompers and zap cannon make for a mean combo. Leona gives Jinx an easy set up for her zap, and gives the two of them a lot of creep score.


KogMawSquareKog’ Maw is one champion I rarely see in games. But even for those unloved adcs, there’s a good support; and for Kog, thats usually Nunu, Soraka, or Janna. Kog isn’t very strong in the beginning of games, so he usually needs a support that can get him through the laning phase. Nunu has gives him attack speed, which is also needed as Kog is fairly slow. I personally think Soraka would be the best support because of her unlimited mana supply, which Kogs usually in desperate need of, and her healing ability for when he takes too much damage. Janna gives Kog a passive move speed and her shield gives him a good boost in attack damage.


LucianSquareLucian is another champion I hardly see in games, but he’s got quite a few support champions that are good with him; Sona, Zyra, Nami and Thresh. Sona is an obvious, as she’s been on this list quite a few times now. Her heals and speed boosts, and her power cord. Zyra has her snare, and can poke from afar with her plants and her Q (Deadly Bloom). Her ult is also good because of the knock-up. Nami is good for Lucian because her bubble can trap enemies in place while he attacks, and her heal also does poke damage if she’s close enough. Nami’s E (Tidecaller’s Blessing) gives Lucian some of the strength he needs when attacking. Her ult is a great knock up and slow, which gives Lucian an opening for a great ult. Thresh is a good support for anybody really, but he really works with Lucian. With his hook he can either pull an enemy towards him, or pull himself towards an enemy champion. Either outcome lands Thresh in a good position to land Lucian a kill, as his flay (E) can send an enemy back towards Lucian. Finally his ult (The Box) is great for slowing enemy champions and allowing Lucian to get either in for a kill, or out to survive.

Miss Fortune

MissFortuneSquareThe best supports for MF are usually ones that can play aggressively, such as Leona, Taric, and Alistar. Another good but not aggressive pick for MF is Sona. Leona and Taric can both take their stun early, to land MF either an early kill, or cause the enemy to go back early. Alistar and Taric are both good picks because of their heals. Taric’s ult also gives bonus AD which would make a scary MF. Sona is a good support for MF because their skills simply work well together. Sona can keep MF alive if she wants to play aggressively and when Sona lands her ult it’s a great window for MF to use her ult, as enemies trapped in Sona’s ult will be unable to move.


QuinnSquareQuinn has a number of escapes herself, so a support with lots of help with that isn’t good for Quinn. That leaves out Sona and Janna (though I’m sure they’d still be fine for other reasons) but to get the best support for Quinn it looks like the community favourite is Nami or Thresh. If Quinn can initiate with her E (Vault) and Nami can hit her Q (Aqua Prison) and then give Quinn her E (Tidecaller’s Blessing) which gives Quinn a damage and slow buff, Quinn can probably land the kill. Thresh is good if the player can land his hooks and drag the enemy towards Quinn. Quinn can then blind and mark the target to do extra damage.


SivirSquareThe best supports for the now popular Sivir are either Taric or Sona. Sona because she gives Sivir damage with her power cord, and can set up enemies to get hit with Sivir’s boomerang. Then there’s her heal and speed boost that are good in any situation. Taric is also good for setting up enemies to be hit by Sivir’s spells. His stun traps the enemy and allows Sivir to attack, while his ult gives her a huge boost in AD to do even more damage.


TristanaSquareTristana is another ADC that needs an aggressive support, but even then there are favourites in the community. Taric and Janna are the most popular supports, but Leona and Alistar are good as well. Tristana can do a lot of burst once she gets some farm and levels into her. She can jump in, use her ult and E (Explosive Shot), if she has ignite she does even more damage. But for all this Trist needs a support that can lock an enemy in place for her to attack. For that Taric is good because his stun is longer then most others. Janna is great for Tristana because her tornado allows Trist to go in the same way she would with Taric. Janna and Trist also have great escapes (Janna tornado, Janna ult, Trist ult, Trist jump etc). The two of them also have good counter initiation in case they get ganked and again have the escapes if something goes wrong.


TwitchSquareTwitch is an odd ADC. This is because rather then staying in his lane and farming like most ADCs, Twitch should roam a lot and help out other lanes with his Q (Ambush). If people are planning to play Twitch bot they are going to need a support that can hold their own for a while if he goes to roam. The idea is to get the enemy to think that Twitch is there when he’s really not. Therefore some good supports for Twitch would be Leona, Alistar or Lux. Leona and Alistar are really strong, and have good stuns/knock ups for when Twitch is in lane. If Leona can hit her E (Zenith Blade) and stun the enemy champion, that gives Twitch enough time to land his auto attack 6 times and activate his passive, it’s the same for Alistar’s knock up. Besides that, when Twitch is gone they can cover tower and hold out on their own. Lux is strong for AP, and can do a decent amount of damage herself once she’s built AP items. She also has her shield for protecting Twitch, and her snare for his passive. But- there are some people who like to play Twitch simply as an ADC and stay in lane until laning ends. For this his best support is Nami. The others are good as well, but Nami can stun enemies with her Q allowing Twitch to activate his passive, and she can also give him bonus damage with her E. Her heal is also good for Twitch in lane when he’s having problems.


VarusSquareVarus is another champion that isn’t played very much. Supports that are good with him are Lulu, Nunu, Leona and Janna. Personally I think Lulu is the best support for Varus, having a lot of poke with his Q (Piercing Arrow) and her Q as well (Glitterlance). Lulu also has her shield, since Varus is fairly squishy, and her W (Whimsey) when cast on an enemy gives Varus a great chance to attack, and when cast on him, a way to escape, since he has no escapes. Leona’s stuns and her passive maximize Varus’ damage and allow him to land easy shots with his Q or E (Hail of Arrows). Janna has her knock up and her slow with her W (Zephyr), which makes it easier for Varus to his his Q and his slow and stun. Janna’s shield is also good for his damage and keeping him safe.


VayneSquareVayne is one of the most popular ADCs in the game, and there are a number of supports that can do well with her. The best supports for her are Sona, Soraka, Taric and Alistar. Sona and Soraka help keep Vayne sustained and in lane, Soraka is better for this then Sona though because she grants mana, but Sona is better for being helpful while attacking. Alistar is great because if he can headbutt the enemy into the right position against the wall Vayne can land her E (Condemn) and do extra damage plus stun the enemy that way. Taric is good for this as well if he can stun an enemy next to the wall.
Players should keep in mind though that even if you pick a good duo that it requires more then that. The bot lane players need to have good communication and understand to a point what the other is thinking. A good support and adc need to be on their toes in the little dance that is bot lane. Also these bot combos are just suggestions, and you can play whomever you want as Support or ADC.