About Us

The Battered Joystick: The discarded, abused, beaten and spent controller whose lifespan has heard more muttered threats, screamed curses, and joyous exclamations. It sits, alone, in the bottom of a box somewhere, unmourned, unloved, forgotten. There’s a simple truth to the lives of the people here at Battered Joystick: we beat the hell out of our gear. Not because we’re naturally abusive or known to fly into insane rages, throwing the controller out of the window on our 6th floor balcony because there is no way that jackass managed to knife me before I got my grenade off, and he’s clearly a damned hacker. No, not for any reason like that. We beat the hell out of our gear because we’re gamers.

No game is too big. No game is too small. No opinion is unwarranted, and no topic is off limits. There’s nothing when it comes to the gaming world we won’t try, and there’s no topic relating to gaming that we’re afraid to roll a hard six on. We chase after opinions and ideas from the ridiculous to the sublime, we seek to keep you up to date on the most current happenings in the world of gaming. And best yet? We hold no allegiance to any big brand name gaming company or conglomerate. We are gamers, and The Game is On.

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email: editor@batteredjoystick.com

address: 262 Cole Rd., Guelph, ON, N1G 3K4

Waving the white flag from under a pile of game consoles