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Amplitude Kickstarter Sucessfully Funded

Developer Harmonix’s first Kickstarter campaign, for a next-gen successor to one of the studio’s first games, Amplitude, has officially been funded. Though the fundraiser looked shaky in the early days, the $775,000 goal was reached with a mere 21 hours to spare.

Since the Amplitude property is owned by Sony, the new game will be exclusive to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and will feature music by artists such as AnamanaguchiFreezepop, and Jim Guthrie.

Harmonix is most well known as the creators of Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Dance Central, but released the original Amplitude over ten years ago for the PlayStation 2. The game, and its predecessor Frequency, were well received but under-performed commercially and the action-rhythm franchise has been dormant ever since.

If you want to hop on board the Kickstarter and help Harmonix achieve some of their stretch goals, act quickly, as the crowd-funding ends in about 20 hours!

You can find the donation page here: Amplitude Kickstarter

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