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Theatrhythm Curtain Call Has A Japanese Release Date

April 24th is a big day for fans of the Final Fantasy rhythm game: Theatrhythm. At least in Japan anyways, because that’s the day that Theatrhythm Curtain Call is being released!

The original Theatrhythm was released on both 3DS and Mobile, but this time Curtain Call is only coming for 3DS, but will also have a special XL bundle.

The bundle has a super cute 3DS XL, plus a download of the game on the SD card. It’s going to be about 26,000 Yen..which for us is about $226.


The bundle is being released in a pre-order raffle between February 20th and 25th, so anyone who wants it will have to enter that. The winners will be announced and notified on the 28th of February.

So far no news on a localization for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call. But we’ll just have to wait and hope…

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