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Game Of The Year 2013

In order to award Game Of The Year 2013 we initially wanted to have the writers dress as a character from their favourite game and fight each other to the death in an epic LARP-off to the Tom Savini-eqsue end.  However, milquetoast whiners with complaints like “that doesn’t prove anything” or “you just want to smash things” have prevented that kind of glorious celebration of the year in gaming.  Instead, please consider our writers’ arguments for their favourite games this year, and let us know what you would have picked in the comments!

Chelsi Conway – Last Of Us

In my opinion, The Last of Us is Game of the Year. Sure there’s other games that were really good, such as Bioshock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto V. But personally The Last of Us spoke to me in a way that I haven’t experienced in a long, long time. I’ve been a little (maybe a lot) critical of new gen games, but The Last of Us blew me away.

Keep in mind now, I’m a chicken when it comes to horror games. Zombies? Nope. Silent Hill? Nope. Amnesia? Hell nope. But after hearing about The Last of Us and having access to a copy through my boyfriend, I had to try it.
I was addicted right away. The gameplay, the world, the characters, the interactions between Joel and Ellie, the story; everything, and I literally mean everything, about this game was fantastic. I couldn’t put the controller down. The very beginning of the game had me in tears, and I was in tears frequently throughout other events of the game. I was attached to characters, and I felt for all of them. This game took me through a roller coaster of emotions through the whole thing and it was great. I never knew what was going to happen next; and even though I’m a horror game chicken, I am so glad I decided to pick up The Last of Us.

Christina Vazquez – Bioshock: Infinite

I think Bioshock: Infinite is GOTY because it blended a great story with fun gameplay. I think something that is integral to the enjoyment of a game is the story, what keeps the player motivated to keep playing, and Bioshock Infinite did a great job with its story. The setting, characters and plot were all contrasting and diverse. In one area of Columbia it’s gorgeous and whimsical, whereas the second half of the game shows a gritty underbelly. There’s the determined Dewitt contrasting the fragile Elizabeth. And the plot obviously has more twists and turns than a roller coaster. But it wasn’t just the set-up, Bioshock Infinite also had an equally engaging gameplay experience. The mechanics allowed you to think outside the box and get creative with your enemies. The magic and first-person shooter aspects melded well together and allowed for a variety of gameplay styles. They also encouraged you to explore every last inch of Columbia, with different voxophones and other secrets that really opened up to the story to the grand setting it was in. You really got to enjoy every little bit that the grand city had to offer. It was a fully immersive experience in all aspects that few games attain.

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot

Matthew Bandeira – Grand Theft Auto V

I think Grand Theft Auto V is the 2013 Game of the Year. The gameplay is fun and exciting: Whether you’re doing heists, side missions, or even just driving around, you’re always having fun. The shooting mechanics are improved from previous GTA games and it’s a blast when in combat. The story is also great in GTA V. It’s perfectly written and I enjoyed the pacing of the story. You always wanted to do the next main mission because you wanted to see what crazy thing was going to happen next. The characters are interesting and funny. I had a blast playing as Trevor, Michael and Franklin and I love how they’re all different but so similar. They come from different backgrounds but can relate when it comes to getting the job done. I may not be able to relate to them but I still enjoyed progressing their story and thought they were all written well. The graphics are amazing and highly detailed. Whether it be the character models or the background when driving around, everything is visually beautiful and I think GTA V is one of the prettiest games of all time. Some people may say other games had the better experience but I think GTA V is the better game. There is so much to do, so much to see and I found myself having more fun when playing GTA V. Those are the reasons why I think Grand Theft Auto V is the 2013 Game of the Year.

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  • Mark Schildroth

    For the record I voted for The Last Of Us!

    • Paul Rigden

      I voted Star Wars Angry Birds II… because I love flinging little jedi birds into buildings.

      • Mark Schildroth

        Also, little Sith pigs…or did you never join the Pork Side?