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Boy Stays up late Playing Video Games, Saves Family from Fire

A Danville, Kentucky boy who stayed up until 3:30 a.m. playing video games saved his family and alerted firefighters on Thursday morning.

Jaxxyn Wood, 12, was playing video games when, in the wee hours of the morning, he noticed an awful smell coming from his kitchen.

“[It smelled] really bad, like Legos on fire,” Jaxxyn told WKYT, a local news station.  When Jaxxyn walked into the hallway on the first floor of his family’s house to go see what the smell was, he saw smoke.  Thinking quickly, he kept low and covered his face to breathe through the smoke.

The source of the smoke was a small fire coming from the ice machine in the family’s kitchen.  Jaxxyn grabbed a cup and tried to put out the fire as best he could before going upstairs and waking up his sisters.  With their help, they woke up everyone else in the house and got them outside.

Firefighters arrived soon after and contained the fire to the kitchen and dining areas of the house’s first floor.  The second and third floor remained intact, though damaged by smoke.

They also noted that the household had no working smoke detectors and stressed their importance.  Fire services in the Danville area distribute smoke detectors for free and will even install them for homeowners.

It’s not often that video games will directly contribute to multiple lives being saved, but in Jaxxyn’s case, staying up until long into the morning worked out better than he could have hoped.  The world would be a much nicer place if everyone could get 1-ups like that.


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