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Beaten & Bruised Reviews: Killzone: Shadow Fall

Following the Petrusite detonation that rendered the planet Helghan uninhabitable, now referred to as “the Terracide”, the ISA grants refuge to the Helghast survivors on the planet Vekta, allowing them to colonize half the planet, with that half of the planet dubbed New Helghan. A massive security fortification called The Wall is constructed to separate the two civilizations from each other, due to the resentment they bear over the previous war. Both the Vektans and Helghast routinely perform covert operations against each other in the hope of finishing the war they started. The majority of the game takes place in Vekta City, home to the Vektan Security Agency (VSA) headquarters, as well as a prison in New Helghan, and Helghan, the original home to the Helghast, now dead and shattered due to the Petrusite detonation.

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The game begins several years after the events of Killzone 3. You play as Lucas Kellan as you struggle to bring peace between the Vektans and Helghast. Killzone: Shadow Fall is a first-person shooter and a decent one at that. I enjoyed playing through this game more than Killzone 3 and noticed many improvements, but there were still some negative things in Shadow Fall. Let’s start with the gameplay. Killzone: Shadow Fall plays very similar to Killzone 3 but adds some variety in gameplay. For most of the game it will be straight up run-and-gun but there are some stealth elements mixed into the gameplay as well. There is one stealth mission where you have to escape after being captured and put under Helghast custody. With assistance from Echo, an intelligence operative for the Helghast who provides sniper support through out the mission. Sneaking through the Helghast territory is satisfying as you slowly make your way out trying not to be seen. This mission notably stands as my favorite mission in the game. The game could get boring at times and I find myself in wave after wave of fighting repetitive enemies. This is especially annoying and frustrating during the end of the game. I found myself excited entering the last couple of missions of the game expecting to sneak around and back stab people, but instead, all I got was one room where I kill the same enemy over and over, and over. Moving left to right trying to make sure the enemies don’t flank me. It dragged on too long and through out the mission I was hoping I wouldn’t die because I did not want to redo the mission. It somewhat feels lazy for the developers to just make you fight wave after wave of enemies. They had an opportunity to make the ending mission exciting yet they just resorted to make the player kill repetitive enemies which was boring. There are some great sequences in the game that put you at the edge of your seat but quickly give way to the meat of the gameplay which isn’t too special. Most of the stealth missions like the one I mentioned earlier where you must escape the Helghast territory definitely had me at the edge of my seat. I did enjoy the stealth elements in the game but overall I feel some levels drag on.

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  • maple cowboy

    Pfft. Killzone whiips the llamas ass

    • sciencejedi

      sorry, as a shooter, I found this to be pretty rudimentary. Nowhere near my favorite in this series, let alone genre