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Xbox One: What You Need to Know Today

As each day draws nearer to the Xbox One launch, Xbox wants to make sure you are well informed on the new product, and that you take an interest in their launch event. Xbox is holding many launch events in cities all over the world, including in Toronto. Can’t make the drive to Toronto? Similar to the PS4 launch, the event will be broadcasted through multiple outlets, including Spike TV,, and Xbox live. Xbox has also released some short videos depicting some of the elements of the top games at launch, including Ryse: Son of Rome.

Speaking of Ryse, (see what I did there), Ryse: Son of Rome released the official launch trailer, showing more of the story than the previous trailers. The game does look impressive, and its exclusivity to Xbox is being consistently recited. You can view the trailer here:

Xbox One has also recently detailed how the Xbox One Game DVR and Upload features will work. With a mixture of both voice commands and controller use, players can initiate a recording at anytime, simply by telling the Xbox to begin recording. Your video can than be edited through various features, and uploaded to the Skydrive and be shared quickly. Here is a video Xbox has released depicting the features in more detail.

All this news make you wonder where your mythical box is? Order from Amazon? Well, a picture of a warehouse showing many Xbox Ones on skids just waiting to be shipped has surfaced on Twitter. Here is said photo, cellphone quality and all.



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