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Telltale Games AMA: News For TWD Season 2 Game and More

Recently, Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner, who are the founders of Telltale Games, did an AMA on Reddit and discussed what’s next for their titles, and discuss some of the processes they take when designing and writing. It seems only logical to talk about a company that has produced games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us on Halloween. In case you were unaware, one thing unique to Telltale games is that they release their games in episodes, rather than all at once. As the founders discuss, this allows them to take direct feedback from users and make changes to the next episode. Although the creators limited what they would share as far as spoilers on The Walking Dead: Season 2 game, they did confirm that Clementine will be back, but were pretty hush-hush about everything else. Although Telltale markets to various systems, they have yet to provide fully to Linux. The founders hint that Linux is on their radar, but not to expect anything in the near future.

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